Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance Services

With over 27 years O&M experience, MTSSB track record clearly radiates its qualification as an efficient and cost-effective O&M company. The services we deliver today are founded not just on our long history of quality product and services, but also on our focused approach to customer needs. We work to understand our clients’ priorities, and then provides the right solutions to meet their high expectations. Leveraging on our pools of competent resources, cutting edge O&M tools, products and methodologies, MTSSB remains committed in providing the best O&M solutions to our clients without compromising the performance and the safety of the plants.
Our professional services offer assurance that planning, operation, management, implementation, maintenance, and training needs will be met throughout the lifespan of any power plants.
MTSSB has operated up to 9,144 MW of power and 1,421,000 m3/day of water from various power and water desalination plants worldwide since its establishment in 1993.

Total power generating capacity

9,144 MW

Operational for over

27 years

Total water production capacity

1,421,000 m3/day

Customer satisfaction


Total Operation & Maintenance Services

Total Operation & Maintenance Services for CCGT, CFPP, Cogen Plant, and Renewable Energy Plant (LSS, RTS, WTE, etc)

  • Plant Management and O&M team
  • Plant Testing & Commissioning
  • Plant Outage Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Development and Implementation of Operation & Maintenance Plans and Strategy
  • Implementation of O&M Tools & Methodology (CMMS, RCM, RCA, CBM, PTW, PI, RBI, SOP, HIRAC etc)

Specific O&M Related Services

  • Technical Consultancy Services
  • Engineering Assessment and Plan Audit
  • O&M Methodology, Risk Assessment, Performance Benchmarking
  • Outage Management

Training Development

  • Competency Gap Assessment, On Job Training, Competency Based Assessment, and Implementation of Technical Training Program