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Simulator Training Program

TT STP for power plant training
Simulator Training program utilize high fidelity and plant-specific process simulation to simulate real-world operational scenario by injecting disturbance to simulate emergency and plant upset scenarios to train operators to respond correctly. Our simulators are available within all Malakoff plants.

Public Courses

briefing meeting with staff of power plant operation and maintenance
The global demand for cost competitive, reliable and clean electrical power has created intense competition among the power generation plant to constantly elevate their plant performance. Hence, commercial success of these power producers depends largely on the operational efficiency and availability of the power station. Skillful and knowledgeable operation and maintenance (O&M) personnel is the key element for the said objectives. Thus, effective training programs play a vital role in making performance improvement possible among the personnel. Training programs offered by MTSSB are carefully and specifically designed to educate plant personnel to acquire comprehensive understanding of plant capabilities and the confidence to handle any emergency situation competently.

Competency Based Assessment

tehnical part of power plant training
Competency Based Assessment (CBA) is a Malakoff’s signature program that provides a structured competency development framework to power plant personnel, in line with the National Occupational Skilled Standard (NOSS) which brings you recognition under the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM). Our trainers are fully certified by SKM to deliver training programs related to Combined Cycle and Coal Fired Power Plant.