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A premier global operation
and maintenance service provider


MTSSB remains committed to continuously develop our team to meet customer's high expectations. Fusing our proven track records, supported by MTSSB pool of talents with competent, versatile and talented individuals, we believe the team can deliver beyond customer's expectations.
With close to 30 years of technical experience, MTSSB has catered to diverse clientele, comprising of power stations, co-generations facilities, renewable facilities, building facilities, oil & gas (offshore & onshore), water treatment plant and port facilities.
While MTSSB’s foothold is primarily in Malaysia, we have been successfully building our global presence particularly in Middle East and South-East Asian markets.


We strive for excellence by :



MTSSB has helped plant owners worldwide achieve operational excellence, boasting a proven track record of 25 years. MTSSB is an established organization in the Asian and Middle Eastern region