Petronas Centralized Unit Facilities

Based on the track record in the O&M of LPP, GB3, PPP, its expertise has been acknowledged by other plant operators in Malaysia. The company was awarded a 5 year in 1999 O&M contract with Petronas for its Centralised Utility facilities (“CUF”) in Kerteh and Gebeng. The facilities were developed to serve two whole regions of petrochemical plants. The contracts were to operate, maintain and train Petronas personnel to take over the O&M at the end of contract. This contract was completed successfully in 2004.
Plant Name :CUF KertehCUF Gebeng
Configuration :6 x 36 (GT)3 x 160 (GT)
Generating Capacity :216 MW108 MW
Generating Type :COGENCOGEN
Contract Type :Cost PlusCost Plus
O&M Term :55