ZEC Kota Tinggi Solar Farm

Malakoff Bhd has won a contract to operate a large scale solar photovoltaic power plant in Kota Tinggi, Johor, with an electricity generation capacity 29MWac.
Under the deal, Malakoff’s wholly owned unit Malakoff Technical Solutions Sdn Bhd and (MTSSB) consortium partner Zelleco Engineering Sdn Bhd have signed a 21-year operation and maintenance (O&M) contract with ZEC Solar Sdn Bhd.
ZEC Solar had secured the large-scale solar project in competitive tender by the Energy Commission.
This agreement marks MTSSB’s first foray into the O&M of renewable energy assets and means that our O&M business has now expanded to include both thermal, or conventional, and renewable energy power generation
Plant Name :ZEC Kota Tinggi Solar Farm
Configuration :Large Scale Solar
Generating Capacity :29 MWac
Generating Type :Renewable Energy
Contract Type :Lump Sum
O&M Term :21