Drone Internal & External Inspection

Drone Internal & External Inspection

We have aimed to become the leading drone inspection service provider in the inspection and exploration of indoor/confined spaces and complex environments.
Our team of experts comes from various technical background such as Boiler/HRSG, Pressure Vessel, Tanks and pipeline. Our certified remote pilot and Assessment Engineers will ensure that our customer received the best values by giving a first-hand view of their critical components. This allow customer to properly plan their Scheduled Outage and inventory requirements prior to its execution based on the findings obtained.
Among other the benefits of internal drone inspection are:

Immediate Finding

By enabling remote visual inspection in any indoor environment, the drone helps in minimize exposure to hazardous conditions compared to manned entry.

Reduce Downtime

The drone is deployed and ready to gather visuals within minutes. Performing an entire inspection is no longer a matter of days but hours.

Minimize Cost

Scaffolding and rope access are no longer needed to perform the visual inspection. The drone gathers visual data from complex and confined spaces.

Access to Confined Space

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Allow personnel (e.g. Boiler Engineer) to make a quick decision and present along during the inspection execution.
MTSSB has successfully performed several drone inspections not only at tanks, but also at boilers and HRSG. Examples of defects observed during the inspection were pitting, corrosion, crack, peel-off and etc. Whilst, pressure vessel, silo, chimney/stack are among other equipment that requiring indoor/confined space inspection and exploration. These could be performed by applying the drone inspection too.